You wouldn't think of staying at hotel or eating at a new restaurant without first reading reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp.

So why invest in the tools and in service partnerships that help you execute your content strategy without learning all that you could from your colleagues who work for and with associations and other nonprofit organizations? 

There hasn't been a source for honest, verified reviews from your fellow users of these content tools and services...until now. 

Welcome to Review My Content!

According to Forrester Research:

  • 97% of IT buyers rely on recommendations and reviews when selecting business software
  • 92% of consumers trust word of mouth recommendations, whether from strangers, friends, or family, more than any form of advertising
  • 90% of happy customers will leave a review if asked

What is a review site for association and nonprofit executives to share their real world experiences with the tools and service providers that help create, execute and manage their organization's content strategy.

The site works on a pay-it-forward basis: once you give a review of a content tool or content service provider, you can then read the reviews of others. These Review Guidelines describe what you will be asked. A review takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) give a review, you can purchase get a Free-for-now subscription to read reviews without providing a review. 


We launched in 2020.  

Who's running the show?

Dina Lewis, CAE, president of Distilled Logic, LLC. She started Distilled Logic in 2006 to help associations and nonprofits with website usability and content strategy. 

Dina has worked with associations and nonprofits for her entire career as a staff member for professional societies and trade associations and  as a consultant. She is also an active volunteer for local and national cause-related organizations. You may have met her at ASAE, GWSAE(!), NTEN, UXPA, Confab, IA Summit/Conference. She is also the host of Content Forum, where we are defining together what it means to be a content strategy champion for associations and other nonprofit organizations.


The goal for Review My Content is to provide peer-reviewed information to the association and nonprofit communities. All right here. Review My Content is proud to join the 100Reviews family of sites.

Ready, set, ... review!


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