The legitimacy of reviews is critical to you, so it's critical to us. That's why we run every review through a battery of tests to ensure that the reviews you read are reliable and given by credible sources. Here's how our review verification process works, and how it may affect your experience on 

Can I give an anonymous review?

Yes. Although we take steps to verify the identity of each reviewer, you may choose to publish your review anonymously. Realize that when a real name is attached to a review, it's usually perceived to be more believable than anonymous reviews.

What questions will I be asked while giving a content tool or content services review?

You will be asked the type and name of the tool or service you are reviewing, and whether you recommend it or not or with reservations. You can select from a dropdown list or add a name.

You will then be asked to rate the following on a standard five-star scale:

  • For Content Tools: end user and administrator user experience, basic and advanced features, customization, integration, reporting and analytics, customer service, vendor maturity, and innovation.
  • For Content Service Providers: expertise, project management, budget, customer service, innovation, and added value. 

Finally, you will be asked some some basic questions about yourself (name, email, department, and organization information)  

Your review is wrapped up by giving it an all-encompassing title of 5-7 words, followed by a text review/description which should support your scoring.

Who's eligible to give a review?

Anyone who is using the content tool or working with the service provider, or has done so within the past two years, with at least some decision-making authority is eligible to give a review. Content tool companies and service providers may not give reviews about themselves or their competitors. All reviewers must agree to and affirm that their review complies with our Terms of Use.

What can I write in my review?

Every review is read and processed by a real human being to ensure that it meets our strict standards. The review is scanned for slanderous, libelous, profane, or otherwise objectionable content. We respectfully ask that you do not mention names in your review (other than the content tool or service company). We take steps to ensure that the reviewer is who they say they are, and is in fact using the tool being reviewed.

When will my review be published and when will I be able to read reviews?

Because a human being verifies all reviews, the publication process is not automated. We do our best to ensure that all reviews are processed and published within an hour or so. As soon as your review is published by a site administrator, you'll receive an email notification, and you'll have access to read reviews.

What if I want to rephrase or remove my review? 

Assuming your review meets our standards, it will be posted exactly as it is submitted. As a reviewer, you can update your review to fix typos, provide new information in your narrative review and adjust your star ratings. Realize that your updated review will be held for processing, but you will not lose access to read reviews. You can also remove your review.

How long will my review be posted on the site?

Outdated reviews can sometimes provide an inaccurate view to the person seeking feedback. We archive reviews that are more than two years old. You can still read archived reviews, but you deserve to know that you're reading a potentially stale review. 

Can anyone pay to have my review deleted?

Absolutely not. Tool providers and service providers can reply to reviews, but only the reviewer may delete their review. Even under threat of legal action, Review My Content will not delete a review without consulting with the reviewer. Nobody can pay to have a review removed.